Came home from walking Lucy, and saw a GIANT fire and a column of smoke coming from very nearby.  I thought it was Smith’s the huge grocery story that was on fire, but it turns out it was a big apartment building (currently under construction). There were several firetrucks, and a big crowd gathered to watch. Here’s a short vid …



Today, we said goodbye to our dog, Cassie, who was really the sweetest, happiest, derpiest dog.  Cassie was 14 or 15 years old.  Beth has lived with Cassie for about 13 years now; I’ve lived with her for about 7. It’s really hard to say goodbye to such a sweetheart.  I am making sure to remember Cassie as the attention-loving …

snow branches

Smog Fog and Snow

So far, this January has been better than the one from 2013.  We’re still dealing with some nasty smog, but the storms that drive it away are a) more frequent, and b) less severe. As the country is currently being wrecked by a Polar Vortex, Salt Lake City is business as usual.  Smog, Fog, and Snow.  

seanSmog Fog and Snow
Salt Lake City

Gay Marriage – Salt Lake City

Today a federal judge struck down Utah’s Amendment 3, which banned gay marriage in our state. Shortly after, couples arrived at the Salt Lake City courthouse to receive their marriage license.  You can read the full story here. Beth and I went down there a little after 7:00 p.m., to see the couples and just to be a part of …

seanGay Marriage – Salt Lake City
Sean Markey | snow day

First Snow – 2013

Say hello to the first snow storm of 2013.  It was quite unexpected! I snapped this pic as Beth and I were leaving for work.  The only shoes I have are minimalist sandals, so it was a very interesting, cold morning.  Time to go shopping for some proper winter shoes, I guess!  

seanFirst Snow – 2013
markey a perfect circle

A Perfect Circle – By and Down

Being a fan of A Perfect Circle requires patience.  Their debut album, Mer de Noms was released in May of 2000.  Three years later, the band released their sophomore album 13th Step. Other than a contractually-obligated third album (which was an album of…interesting song choices), there has been no new music. Since this is my blog, I’m going to talk …

seanA Perfect Circle – By and Down
Aspen leaves in July

Autumn at the Edges

It seems like the heat came early to Salt Lake this year.  On the other hand, a January that never went above freezing makes even moderate heat feel like too much. Still, we put in our 100+ degree fahrenheit days, as we do every year.  It’s how we earn our Autumn.  It’s called having seasons, and in Florida, we didn’t really …

seanAutumn at the Edges
kitty feet

Kitty Feet!

This.  This makes me happy.

seanKitty Feet!
Salt Lake City Flowers


Spring in Utah is always lovely.  Spring this year is particularly welcome because this past Winter was one of the fiercest since the 1800s. For proof, here is a quick look at January 2013′s Weather Statistics: Since 1874, this January was the 5th coldest and 13th snowiest. Every single day in January saw at least 1 inch on the ground (because temps never went above …