Beth and I drove out to the Trail of Time, a path with informational sign-posts in a fossil-rich area (part of the Morrison Formation), just inside the Colorado border. Among the desert scrub and near an ongoing, active escavation, we watched the eclipse. Out here, the eclipse approached about 87% totality at 11:40 a.m. Afterward, […]

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Google Photo Assistant stitched together several photos I took of a humming bird last week into a cool little .gif. This was taken in our garden:

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Once a week I drive to Grand Junction, Colorado for errands, appointments, etc.  I love leaving the house before the sun comes up, and watching it rise along the drive.  Between my house and the interstate, I typically do not encounter any other cars (about a 45 min drive)–just me, the rabbits, the crows, the […]

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When I went for a walk outside this morning, I saw the biggest bumblebee I’d ever seen before. It flew through the patch of sunflowers growing near the house, and dragged down each flower it visited. I didn’t get a pic of that bee (it moved on before I grabbed my camera), but I did […]

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sunflower road

taken on my morning walk (7/29/16)

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that shade of orange…

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Nesting Say’s Phoebes

A Say’s Phoebe built her nest on our porch light several weeks ago.  Yesterday, the babies finally hatched.  Here’s a quick video I took of her feeding on of them a grasshopper:

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Today started off with fresh home-roasted coffee. This was a good thing.

Then we went into Moab to run many errands. It’s strange driving into a city full of enthusiastic tourists, in no hurry to go anywhere. They are sight-seeing, appreciating the sun and the cool little shops, and the view.

But I just need to buy groceries.

Also, I’m coming into town from a little valley where 300 people live. Quiet, spacious, and wonderful meets busy, excited and loud. It’s a bit jarring.

Today we were in Moab so Beth could sign papers and FedEx them to the title company. We sold our old house in Salt Lake City, and were just wrapping up the final loose ends. This was a good thing. 🙂

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Autumn at the Edges

Aspen leaves in July

It seems like the heat came early to Salt Lake this year.  On the other hand, a January that never went above freezing makes even moderate heat feel like too much. Still, we put in our 100+ degree fahrenheit days, as we do every year.  It’s how we earn our Autumn.  It’s called having seasons, and […]

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Tiny Pinecones

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