A Perfect Circle – By and Down

Being a fan of A Perfect Circle requires patience.  Their debut album, Mer de Noms was released in May of 2000.  Three years later, the band released their sophomore album 13th Step.

Other than a contractually-obligated third album (which was an album of…interesting song choices), there has been no new music.

Since this is my blog, I’m going to talk for just a moment about what this band means to me.

I was 17 when Mer de Noms came out.  It’s hard to try and talk about the effect this music had on me without sounding like an enthusiastic jackass, but it really did.  As a drummer, as a writer, as a person.  It changed the way I thought about music and writing, and I believe I’m a better person because of this music.

All of that being considered, it’s been a long decade and a half.  But there is happy news.  There are several rumors floating around that new music is being worked on.  And while that means we really won’t see a release for another year or two, at best, it’s a nice thing to hear, since the last official release was 2004.

But to tide us fans over, and maybe torture us a bit, A Perfect Circle has released a studio version of one song.  Written in 2010/2011, By and Down moves slowly, and the sounds and lyrics are wounded, more similar to APC’s first album than their follow up.  I don’t understand all of the lyrics, but I appreciate the layers and the depth.

If this is the kind of music A Perfect Circle is going to be making (and we honestly have no evidence either way), then the long days and years until their next album are just going to pass more slowly.

Until then we have By and Down.  Have a listen below: