Autumn at the Edges

It seems like the heat came early to Salt Lake this year.  On the other hand, a January that never went above freezing makes even moderate heat feel like too much.

Still, we put in our 100+ degree fahrenheit days, as we do every year.  It’s how we earn our Autumn.  It’s called having seasons, and in Florida, we didn’t really have them.  (In Florida, it goes from HOT, to LESS HOT, to I CAN MOSTLY GO OUTSIDE WITHOUT GETTING SUNBURNT, MERRY CHRISTMAS).

At my new job (which I never really wrote about, but probably will someday… maybe for THANKSgiving, because I’m so THANKFUL for it), at my new job, there are a few aspen trees I see as I go for my hourly walk around the building.  As the days became incrementally less hot, I noticed the edges of the leave changing.  In the fall, aspens are one of the bright yellow/oranges trees that decorate the mountains, and make Autumn the best time to go exploring on mountain trails.

Summer = Fires

We didn’t escape the summer without having to endure wildfire season.  Luckily, the valley was spared, but other spots, like Rockport, were not.  Though we didn’t have to deal with the flames, directly, we did end up with a weak of smoke hanging around the valley.

wildfires 2013
Oh, the glamor.

On a few consecutive mornings, when I went to the car to leave for work, there was a build up of ash on the windshield, and more ash coated the car and stood out very clearly against the black paint.  On one particular morning, it very softly rained ash, like a timid, toxic snow storm.  It didn’t last long.

I’m looking forward to September and October.  Last year we hiked Timpanogos in mid October, and it was so beautiful.  I’m hoping to do something similarly adventurous for our wedding anniversary this year.  Surely there will be pictures.

But the smoke has finally cleared, or is almost clear, and the temperatures continue drop.  Autumn marches closer!