Books 2016

The Richest Man Who Ever LivedGreg Steinmetz (biography, history)- how Jacob Fugger amassed a gigantic fortune and influenced world events.

I. Red RisingPierce Brown (sci-fi/fantasy)- caste systems meets The Hunger Games, but in space.

II. Golden SonPierce Brown (sci-fi/fantasy)

III. Morning StarPierce Brown (sci-fi/fantasy)

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the UniverseBenjamin Alire Saenz (fiction)- an unexpected coming of age/love story.

Fellside – M. R. Carey (sci-fi/fantasy)- a deadly fire pieced together in court as the convicted talks to ghosts and tries to survive prison.

DisruptedDan Lyons (biography, business) – distinguished writer loses his job, joins the startup Hubspot–hilarity ensues.

The Sudden Appearance of Hope – Claire North (sci-fi/fantasy) – a woman who everyone forgets exists after looking away tries to bring down a multi-billion dollar corporation.

The FiremanJoe Hill (sci-fi/fantasy) – a pregnant woman tries to survive the aftermath of a deadly virus that causes spontaneous combustion.

The Child TheifBrom (sci-fi/fantasy) – psychotic Peter Pan tries to save the magical fairyland from pirates and ‘the real world.’

The Obstacle is the WayRyan Holiday (philosophy) – embrace life’s difficulties to find success and happiness.

Ego is the EnemyRyan Holiday (philosophy) – embrace humility, eschew anger for a better life.

How Not to DieMichael Greger, MD (non-fiction, education) – “Eat a shit-load of vegetables & fruit, plus nuts–no meat/carbs/sugar to not get cancer.” — Science

I. Raven BoysMaggie Stiefvater (sci-fi/fantasy) – a girl that ‘amplifies’ magic helps her friends find a lost magical king–in the Appalachian Mts.

II. The Dream Thieves – Maggie Stiefvater (sci-fi/fantasy)

Almost InterestingDavid Spade (biography, comedy) – david Spade’s biography of struggling to be a successful comedy, and then the hijinks of being famous.

Library at Mount CharScott Hawkins (sci-fi/fantasy) – mad Scientist recruits children to try and find his heir. Young woman is a ruthless bad ass genius.

I. The GunslingerStephen King (sci-fi/fantasy) – the last gunslinger tries to save the universe from falling apart.

II. The Drawing of the ThreeStephen King (sci-fi/fantasy)

III. The WastelandsStephen King (sci-fi/fantasy)

IV. Wizards and GlassStephen King (sci-fi/fantasy)

V. Wolves of the CallaStephen King (sci-fi/fantasy)

VI. Song of SusannahStephen King (sci-fi/fantasy)

VII. The Dark TowerStephen King (sci-fi/fantasy)

I. Fool’s ErrandRobin Hobb (sci-fi/fantasy) – the continuing adventures of Fitz and The Fool, with various hated and hidden magic.

II. Golden FoolRobin Hobb (sci-fi/fantasy)

III. Fool’s FateRobin Hobb (sci-fi/fantasy)

The Cutting RoomEdward W. Robertson (sci-fi/fantasy) – time traveling worker uncovers huge multi-dimensional conspiracy at the highest level. Thriller.

Digging Up Mother: A Love StoryDoug Stanhope (biography, comedy) – biography of inappropriate comedian framed by the story of his equally inappropriate mother’s death.