Florida Adventure

As I write this, I’ve just returned from a 10 day Florida vacation.  Two immediate thoughts

1) It’s SO GOOD to be home

2) Man, vacations are nice.

A Brief History of ‘Why Florida?’

My parents live in Florida.  It’s where we moved from Charleston, SC after our house burned down (hmm, I should tell that story on here sometime).  I lived in Florida for 8 years.  I finished high school there and started college there.  I never really liked living there, mostly due to the weather and, oh, let’s see, THE WEATHER.  It was always too hot and humid for me, but I did like to see the storms come through, and walking on the beach at night.

So I wanted to go and visit my mom and dad, as well as spending time with my nephews.

Tropical Storm Beryl
Red Dot = Where I was staying

Tropical Storm Beryl

I flew in on a Saturday, which was lucky timing, as tropical storm Beryl was scheduled to come smash through the east coast on Sunday.

I’m kind of a weather nerd, so, as long as my plane wasn’t trying to LAND during the tropical storm, I was super excited to be in Florida and experience the storm.  What was it like?  Lots of wind, lots of rain, and lots and lots of grey skies.

When a tropical storm of anytime comes ashore, even if it is tens of hundreds of miles away, it always puts on a show at the beach.  The waves are and fierce.  When the waves crash the wind sprays the sea foam into the air.  It’s quite the site.

The waves came right up to the end of the boardwalk.

big waves

Other fun things I got to do:

– Went to Charleston, SC to visit family

– Had some AUTHENTIC South Carolina barbecue, the highlight of any trip to SC

– Road Trip with dad!

– Slightly shorter Road Trip with mom!

– Rented Jet Skis and rode them at Ponce Inlet, FL

– SLEPT.  A Lot.

– Played with my parents’s MONSTER chocolate lab, Bailey:

dog running on beach

That was basically it.  Vacations where your plans consist of relaxing and visiting the ones you love most are the best.  As work was stressful lately, and the last month really wore me down, this was sort of the perfect vacation.

I’ll leave you with this final picture, because it sums it all up:

Flagler Beach

Flagler Beach, FL