Spring in Utah is always lovely.  Spring this year is particularly welcome because this past Winter was one of the fiercest since the 1800s.

For proof, here is a quick look at January 2013’s Weather Statistics:

Since 1874, this January was the 5th coldest and 13th snowiest.

Every single day in January saw at least 1 inch on the ground (because temps never went above freezing, and the snow kept coming down).

There were 22 straight days of Red Air Alert (unhealthy air) alerts.

The average temperature was 18.8 degrees.

There were 25 days where the day’s high did not rise above freezing.

Almost 24 inches of snow in the valley.

February saw 10 days of below freezing HIGH TEMPERATURES.

Now, though, it is warm, and the plants have come alive.  Enjoy these flowers in our yard (and near our house).


Lilac (the light colored ones)


Grape Hyacinth
Grape Hyacinth