Gay Marriage – Salt Lake City

Today a federal judge struck down Utah’s Amendment 3, which banned gay marriage in our state.

Shortly after, couples arrived at the Salt Lake City courthouse to receive their marriage license.  You can read the full story here.

Beth and I went down there a little after 7:00 p.m., to see the couples and just to be a part of this amazing day.  The courthouse usually closes at 5, but the line to the licensing office was over 200 people deep, officials said anyone in line at 5 would be allowed in.  When we got there at 7, there was a good 50+ people still waiting.

Here’s what Beth said about it on twitter:


It was great.  There were several news crews and photographers there, of course, and families of those getting married.  But it also appears there were people who just came down to the courthouse to, like us, just observe.  People were getting married in the hallway and spaced outside of the clerk’s office.  Several people officiating the marriages at once.  Everyone was so happy.

Who could be there, among all those lovely happy people, and say, “this is a bad thing.”  It was beautiful.

Eventually, they had to turn people away because it was past 7:30, but Senator Dabakis addressed the crowd and said they’d be trying to get the clerk’s office open tomorrow to process more marriage applications.


Here are some pics from the night.

Gay Marriage Utah 2013 Conference
Senator Dabakis addresses the crowd after they closed the clerk’s office.


Gay Marriage Amendment 3 Utah
A couple gets married outside the clerk’s office


Gay Marriage in Salt Lake City
When we first arrived, the line of people waiting to go into the clerk’s office to make things official