Living in Castle Valley is wonderful.  I’m still amazed when I go outside that I actually live here.  I enjoy the quiet (no dogs and no loud bass from cars at stop lights–it’s just blissfully quiet).  I enjoy the space (each property is on five acres, and mountains give the valley a sense of seclusion, but also really define the wide open space).  I love working from home, on my trusty macbook air.

But when I saw that the library was hiring a children’s librarian (part time), I applied right away.  I love books, and I love working with kids (I got a degree in education after all!).  But what I really think I’ll love is working in a place with other people (who ALSO love books), and being a part of the community.  People love libraries, and the library is definitely an important to the city.  Here in Moab, a lot of the kids from local elementary and middle schools (within walking distance!) go to the library after school to do homework, read, and interact with their peers until their parents pick them up.

I was hired to work the late shift three days a week as a children’s librarian.  I’m really excited to start.  I’ll still be running my business and podcasting from home, but a few days a week I’ll spend half the day in town, helping kids with their homework and checking books out to them. 🙂

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