Writing Prompts [currently undergoing a facelife] – This is a site I run where I post interesting and evocative pictures, text, audio, video, etc.  So if you’re feeling stuck, or looking for pictures for writing exercises, check this site out.  It’s pretty great. 🙂

Shimmer Magazine – I work here handling and dispersing slush.  My wife, Beth, is the Editor in Chief.  If you’ve never checked it out, you should probably check it out…

Dreamhost – I use Dreamhost to host this blog (and my many other sites).  Dreamhost has been fantastic.  Lots and lots of uptime, and their support is PHENOMENAL.  I highly recommend them. If you are thinking of signing up through them and use my link, I will help you with the process however I can!

Visible HQ – This is my web design company.  I help people start ecommerce businesses and help build websites.  If you (or someone you know) is looking for something like this, please give it a look.  It’s really affordable and insanely helpful.

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