morning storms

There’s a particular glow the valley gets when there’s a rainbow. It’s hard to describe, but I can always tell there’ll be a rainbow when I look outside while the light looks a certain way.

It’s like half the valley is lit by spotlights, and those bright objects are set against a dark sky. Very dramatic.

This morning, after being battered by wind all night, I woke up to see a strong line of storms coming our way. I started working at my computer before the sun rose, but at some point after sunrise, I looked up and saw that glow.


Here’s what I found stretching over the valley:



You can kind of see the glow I’m talking about but, like the rainbow, it’s much¬†clearer in person.

This is the first rainbow I’ve really seen in the morning, and it was so… intense. Hard to capture, but my phone has a pretty decent camera. ¬†Here are some more pics from this morning:

the weird light/shadow of this morning
picture that comes closest to showing the brilliance of color
the sunrise, the storm, the La Sal Mountains
our house + rainbow(s)
Castleton + a storm
double rainbow, ya’ll