female-fronted rock

“Radio-friendly” female-fronted rock music is one of my favorites.

If you feel the same, here’s a list of seven songs I love by newer/indie/not-super-well-known bands. I’ll keep this page updated as I discover new music.

(album: [Disconnected])

Leav/E/arthThe Other Side
(album: A Perfect Disaray)

Fifth DawnPressure
(album: Pressure – single)

Bad Seed RisingSleeping in Cars
(album: Awake in Color)

PvrisNola 1
(album: All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell)

Oceans of SlumberSuffer the Last Bridge
(album: Winter\)

Cold KingdomCrash Poet
(album: The Moon and the Fool)

If you have recommendations that would fit right in with these groups, definitely reach out and let me know.