My New Website

The domain name I really want to get is It’s unavailable, and has been for a long time. I missed it going to a new owner a few years ago (after having been with the same person for several years before that).

Long story short, I cannot have

Any other cool arrangement of my name .com is not available.

get a .co domain!I love the .co web extension. It’s new, it’s hip, it’s sexy, and it’s short! Who needs that extra “m,” anyways?

I have been watching since I found out it would expire in mid February. The expiration date came and went, and I was anxious to register

However, that’s not how domain expiration works. It’s a process!

After the original expiration date, the domain’s owner has about a two week grace period in which they can claim the name.

Checking everyday to see if the owner decided to reregister the name was like being tied to the train tracks Vaudville style, and watching an old turtle make its way to rescue me (except the train is made of cotton candy).

Harmless, low stakes waiting. Except I *REALLY* wanted the domain name.

I thought about signing up for a service like to help make sure I got the name when it became available. If you don’t know much about the comptetive game of snapping up expiring domains, I will just briefly say it exists, and it is VERY competitive. You should [look into it] sometime, as it is kind of fascinating and horrible.

I decided against it though, as I doubted (hoped!) that there were not several other Markeys in the world also eyeing this domain name.

My laziness gamble paid off, and on one of my frequent checks to see if the domain was available, I saw that it was and snatched it up.

I don’t plan on changing domain names again unless I can score

So welcome to