**Update–captured a second spectacular rainbow, pics below.  For all pics, click to see the big versions.**

Today started off with fresh home-roasted coffee.  This was a good thing.

Then we went into Moab to run many errands.  It’s strange driving into a city full of enthusiastic tourists, in no hurry to go anywhere.  They are sight-seeing, appreciating the sun and the cool little shops, and the view.

But I just need to buy groceries.

Also, I’m coming into town from a little valley where 300 people live.  Quiet, spacious, and wonderful meets busy, excited and loud.  It’s a bit jarring.

Today we were in Moab so Beth could sign papers and FedEx them to the title company.  We sold our old house in Salt Lake City, and were just wrapping up the final loose ends.  This was a good thing.  🙂

We barely beat the rain storms home.  The temperature dropped from 80 into the 60s, and the rain and wind came.  Up here in the valley, storms can be a bit intense.  All the homes are on five acres, and there are very little trees (this is the High Desert).  When storms come in, they are fierce.

But then the storms leave.  While the air was still saturated from the rain, the Sun came and made the most beautiful rainbow I’ve ever seen.  This was amazing.

Of course, pictures will never do justice to the real thing, I took some anyway, so I could share.  It was magical.

I love it out here.

Here are a few more pics from the storm and the rainbow:

sunflowers and the driveway:

Parriot Mesa after the storm:

Update: after I published this blog post, another rainbow popped up at sunset.  It was brighter and bigger, and looked like it went right over our house.  The only way I could get the whole thing in frame was to do a panorama shot.  Here is the panoramas:

And here is my favorite picture, an edit of the panorama:


Rainbow over Sunhouse
A Rainbow Over Sunhouse