Reptiles Invade School

On Monday during the second half of the school day, we were visited by someone from a reptile education program.  I forget the name of the company, but they are hired for group functions and presentations, and bring an assortment of animals to display and talk about.

The dude started the presentation by walking a tarantula around the room.  A big, hairy, nasty, leggy tarantula.  I escaped with my life, but just barely.  While I was out of the room, err, doing important work and waiting for the O.K. from my co-workers to enter the room, Mr. Reptile also apparently brought out a scorpion and at one point, put the thing in his mouth.

1. Unsanitary!


There’s a lot more reasons why that’s a bad idea, but the guy was a showman, and the kids loved it.  I got to see some crazy animals, like a tortoise, some giant lizards, a baby alligator (that hissed at all of us), and three snakes, ranging from 2 feet to about 10 feet.  Python!

Sometimes it’s stressful working in a residential treatment center, working with guys that struggle to get through the day sometimes, due to huge things like crippling depression and anxiety.  And apart from all of the great reasons to work as a special ed teacher with these kinds of guys (seeing them grow over the 8 months or so they are with us at school is A-MAZE-ING), sometimes we just get to do neat stuff.  Like get visited by reptiles in the afternoon.

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  1. I am thankful for people like you that care enough to help people in need. Overcoming your phobias too. What an amazing person you are and your parents should be very proud of you!

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