Shimmer Issue 14 – On Kindle

Shimmer Issue 14 Kindle

It has been kind of a stupid day for me so far, but it just got completely fabulous.

After many many many months of trying, Beth and I finally got a copy of Shimmer Magazine converted and uploaded for sale on the kindle store.

Personally, I love reading books on my iPad, and kindle is my go-to app for reading.  I’m super excited to have made this happen.

For those of you who don’t know, Shimmer Magazine is a speculative fiction (think science fiction and fantasy) magazine of amazing short stories.  My wife, Beth, is the editor in chief and founder of the magazine.  I am the slush distributor and perform other odd jobs to help out.

To celebrate Shimmer’s presence on Kindle, the current issue (issue 14) is only $0.99.  Great fiction for under a buck, make sure you pick up a copy now.