Simple Desks

For some reason, looking at other people’s workspaces fascinates me.  Though I fail to keep my own desktop simple and clutter free, I strive to.  Sometimes it’s the desks location that is interesting, sometimes it’s the view it overlooks, sometimes it’s the arrangement of items on the desk.

It is surprisingly interesting.

Apparently I’m not the only one, as there is a website called Simple Desks that has a lot of readers, and receives a lot of submissions.  As you can imagine, this site is relevant to my interests.

While I am rearranging my office at home, and working to simplify my life by becoming uncluttered and streamlining the amount of things in my office (and my ability to keep things organized and under control), I will not submit my own desks at home.

But I was out today working at my favorite coffee shop, Nobrow (in Salt Lake City), and thought I would take a picture of my work space.  it’s simple and it just feels nice to sit here facing the old brick wall with my coffee, my mac air, and the weird alien-like plant on the table.  I have noticed on the Simple Desks site that there is a lack of mobile workspaces, so I thought I’d submit mine.

simple desks


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