Small Business Owner

wordpress helpI’m officially a small business owner!

Visible HQ is the name of my company, and I help small businesses and artists build wordpress sites, and manage their online presence.

Here’s a happy blurry picture of me with my BUSINESS LICENSE.

Business License


So if you’re reading this and you need some web stuff done, well, let me know!  The business has been growing in small, but steady ways the last few months, and I’m looking to keep it going.  Feel free to pass my info along if you know me, and know someone else looking for some help.

If you’re an author, I can set you up with a pretty sweet little home base… and help you make the most of it with my knowledge of smart marketing.  If you’re a musician, I can craft your band a page with a blog, music, mailing list–all kinds of awesome things.

So here’s to hard work and hustlin, because it took a lot of both to get here!