Oh, poor neglected blog.  Will you ever be updated frequently?

Ever since I moved here, Beth and I have talked about hiking the Timpanogos Cave trail, which is over a mile long, and a whole lotta vertical gain (1,060ft, to be exactly).  On this hike, you are literally hiking along the side of the mountain, starting around 5300ft, and ending up at around 6300 feet.

Last Saturday, we finally made plans and made the commitment to walk up to the Timpanogos Cave entrance.

Ready to go?

sean markey


This hike is not for those with weak hearts!  Also, hi Beth!

Beth and Sean at Timpanogos

And then it started raining!

But we were prepared. 🙂

Sean and Beth Raining

All over the mountain, fall colors.

Fall Leaves

Inside the caves!  It was pretty amazing, and dark… and at times, very cramped along the path through the caves.  Due to the dark, the pictures aren’t particularly amazing.  But the caves were.

Inside the cave.

(click to embiggen)

At the end of the cave.

sean in the cave

On the way down we could see the valley beyond the entrance to the canyon.  Enjoy!

Mouth of the Canyon

It was an amazing trip, and a difficult one.  It was more hiking than either of us were accustomed to, but we made it.

After we finished, we decided to drive up the rest of the canyon to emerge near Park City, to grab a delicious meal at the Wasatch Brew Pub.

However, as adventures usually go, we ended up a little off course.  On the wrong side of the reservoir  we traveled down a small dirt road that took us from the canyon to the back end of Heber.  It added about an hour and a half to our trip, and we were both fairly hungry after such a long hike and drive.

But the view was stunning.  Amazing.  Hundreds of Beech trees lined the road, and dotted the valley below, and their leaves were all a golden yellow.  It was spectacular, and the picture does nothing to portray how lovely it was.

Beech Trees changing colors

And that was our Timpanogos adventure.